Universal T-pole Banner Stand

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    • Available in gold-tone or matte-black finish
    • Set includes telescoping vertical bar, telescoping crossbar and matching flat floor stand
    • Height to nearly ten feet width up to six feet
    • Pole is adjustable for a neat, custom appearance
    • Hang one banner centered or two smaller banners - one on each side
    • Due to the extra heavy and over sized nature of this item, an extra shipping surcharge will be added at checkout.

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    • Fits our 3' x 5', 4' x 6', 5' x 7' and 3' x 9' Banners
    • Vertical pole telescopes from 5' to 9'3"
    • Crossbar telescopes from 4' to 6'
    • 25 pound load capacity
    • Lightweight but tough gold anodized aluminum
    • Twist-and-lock telescoping mechanism for quick and easy adjustment
    • Sturdy aluminum finials included
    • Will not warp or bow - ever!
    • Bottom Scroll Bar sold separately
    • Available in two colors

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:
    Los Alamitos, CA

    Tedious job to change banners


    I found changing banners to be very tedious, requiring the removal of one end of the T as well as the T from the vertical pole. I think a more efficient design would be to have a "trough" style T that would allow the banner, on a rod, to be placed in the trough and thus easily change banners in a quicker manner, with no disassembly required.

    St. Simons Island, GA

    Good product but . . .

    • attractive
    • unstable

    The poles are sturdy and do a good job of holding our banner and keeping them straight BUT both stands are substandard. The one screw provided does not hold the pole sleeve to the base in a secure way and the banner "wobbles" because of the loose sleeve - there needs to be a solution to that problem. Otherwise, they are very nice.

    From PraiseBanners: Please contact us for resolution or replacement.

    Bloxom Virginia

    Excellent staff support

    • Quality
    • timely
    • personal service
    • Slightly confusing assembly

    This product is appropriate for our needs and only because staff from Praise Banners saw that the stand I ordered was not the proper size for the banners I ordered. She called me to check if I was aware of this, I was not, I asked her to switch to the one I needed but the one I needed was less expensive. This company, remarkably in today's market, issued me a refund. Not a credit as is common, but a refund! I am so pleased with this personalized as well as timely and efficient service; Praise Banners will receive all of my future service. When you find this in today's market you stick with it. I am so pleased, thank you, Penny, with Praise Banners.

    Alliance, Ohio

    • Price
    • Lightweight
    • Adjustable length and width
    • Sturdy
    • button (lockout) not perfectly round

    Assembly was fairly straightforward, except for one item: The spring-loaded button (lockout) was not round so it couldn't be pressed into the hole(s) of the pole to lock it in place. I was sent a replacement pole but I sent it back because it had the same design flaw. To correct the problem and make the button round, my husband ground the sides of the button where the slits are located. That solved the problem. The button works fine, now.

    *** Just an addendum from PraiseBanners: We did have a batch of T-poles that were not manufactured correctly. We have found the problem and replaced bad poles with new ones. Thanks so much for your patience! We always strive to give our customers the very best in quality and service.