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Church Banners Stands and Poles

PraiseBannersĀ® is the authority when it comes to hanging your church banners. We have developed banner stands, poles, wall mounts and storage especially for church and worship services. If you don't see what you need, please ask.

Small Church Banner Stands
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    Junior Universal T-pole Banner Stand Set Smaller pole at a smaller price! Our Junior Universal T-pole is the off-spring of our Standard Universal T-pole. Similar in construction, quality, and performance, but different size and price. These poles are perfect for children's or small banners. Works great with our Junior T-pole Bottom Scrollbar - for smoother banner hangingNOTE: Due to the extra heavy and oversized nature of this item, an extra shipping surcharge will be added at checkout. ...

    Autumn Welcome Custom Lawn Sign
    Availability: preorder
    Item #: CUS-FFB-WLC-BHC-GTL- -

    Our outdoor banner frame eliminates sagging banners and can display banners on one or two sides. Available in 6' x 3' and 8' x 4' sizes Can display banners on one or both sides Durable material for long life Use for permanent or temporary signage Easy to install and remove Replace or update banners quickly and easily NOTE: Additional Promotional Discounts not available on this item Handling Fee: Due to the size and weight of this item, a $15 handling fee will be automatically added at checkout ...