Confetti Launcher/Cannon

Item #: KAB-LAU-18I
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    Kabuki is the source when it comes to confetti, streamers, and CO2 Launchers. Our confetti cannons are light, easy to use and affordable. Kabuki is the equipment of choice when it comes time to add excitement to any gathering. Launchers are available in 18" and 32". All our Confetti and Streamer Products are made of non-flammable, lead free, non-toxic materials. Cannons are propelled by safe-to-use compressed air. All paper products are bio-degradable. 
    The 18" cannon will take one pack of paper. The 32" cannon will hold approximately 1.5 packages. Be sure to buy extra paper so that you can practice with the cannon before your actual event. 

    • The "KABUKI ™" launcher is a high pressure projectile system. If used properly, it will provide years of reliable service. Failure to follow these instructions, and basic safety rules, may result in serious injuries. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the misuse of this equipment, nor for any damage or injury incurred as a result of loading anything other than approved products in this launcher.
    • Remove packing rod. Make sure the launcher tube is empty before loading.- Any foreign object in the launcher is potentially dangerous. 
    • Hold or fasten the launcher firmly, it may recoil slightly.
    • Do not point directly at anyone's face or body. 
    • Keep out of the hands of children.
    • Once the CO2 cylinder is in place, do not leave the launcher unattended.
    • Never look down the barrel of a loaded launcher.


    Celebration Launchers are CO2 based and feature a transparent tube, so the user can see what is being loaded. Does not require plugs and pressure caps. The Entertainment & Special Event Industries have found that the Celebration Launcher's versatility provides event solutions in a number of situations. The launcher is also an exceptional performer under more personal settings, such as weddings and other gatherings.


    1. Load streamers and/or confetti into the plastic tube.
    2. Make sure release valve is closed (metallic arm attached to pull string folded in).
    3. Screw a CO2 cartridge into the launcher (not too tightly).
    4. Holding firmly, point the launcher away from your body, and well above your head and your audience.The system is now ready to fire. Take hold of the red knob attached to the pull-string, and pull quickly and firmly, pushing out at the same time with the hand holding the launcher. Keep the launcher a safe distance from the audience, at least 5 yards (4.5 meters).